In the wake of the decriminalization of cannabis in Ecuador, and the adoption of regulations governing the agro-industry and finished products in this sector, we have focused on becoming the country’s leading consultants on cannabis-related matters.

We participated in the legislative and regulatory process related to this change, providing technical and legal criteria. As Chamber of Commerce lawyers, we were a driving force behind the creation of the ‘Cáñamo Cluster’ – an exclusive space within the Chamber of Commerce of Quito for legal and technical leadership within the hemp industry.

We have all angles covered when it comes to providing advice, consultancy and administrative assistance, all with the highest level of efficiency.

  • Agro-industrial
  • Regulatory
  • Compliance
  • Intellectual property and anti-counterfeiting
  • Tax and agricultural accountancy
  • Good corporate governance
  • Planning and strategic alignment
  • Bespoke traceability mechanisms

We have cooperation agreements with prestigious national and international companies, allowing us to provide one-stop solutions in this area.

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