The immense generosity of our founder Miguel Falconi Puig, his human qualities and professional competence, have allowed those of us who work alongside him to become imbued with his rigor, excellence, ethics and values. We are the result of his mentoring.

Oil painting by Jaime Zapata

Until the mid-nineties, Miguel Falconi Pérez † was a grown engine of our firm, particularly for the intellectual property area. He filled our operation with a sense of diligence that addresses our clients´ necessities at the center of our priorities. We strive every day to maintain his legacy.

50 years of experience means we understand your needs

Falconi Puig Abogados was founded in Quito, Ecuador in 1972 by Miguel Falconi Puig. Since then, we have been helping domestic, foreign and multinational clients across different industries to achieve their goals. The Firm’s team of lawyers takes care of the legal solutions, allowing out clients to focus on their business.

Our clients rely on comprehensive, personalized, agile and effective legal advice from the beginning of their operations up to the solutions to their most complex problems. Through preventive diagnoses, continuous accompaniment in their transactions and effective legal advice based on our profound knowledge of the law and experience, we are a guarantee of security.

Our Priority

At Falconi Puig Abogados, our clients are our number one priority. That is why we strive to know and understand their businesses and anticipate their needs, ensure that they do not fall into non-compliance with regulations and, above all, offer them the best legal alternatives, so that they can focus on their operations and achieve outstanding results.

This commitment is reflected in our strong client relationships and our wide network of associated law firms around the world, built throughout our trajectory.

At the forefront

Falconi Puig Abogados, in its quest for innovation, uses state-of-the-art technology that controls, automates and protects client and case data.

Our firm is a flagship for gender equality and our anti-corruption and anti-bribery policies reflect the ethical and transparent behavior of the people who work with us.

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