Corporate and Commercial

We provide consultancy to domestic, foreign and multinational companies from the start of their operations in Ecuador. We advise on the creation of the type of company that is most suited to their needs and objectives in terms of the structure of their business. We also ensure full compliance with all the country’s legal requirements.

We support our clients in labor, tax, regulatory and other legal aspects throughout all stages of their development. This includes the most efficient and economical means of dispute resolution: either using alternative methods such as negotiation, mediation and arbitration; or by representing them in court, with a view to limiting contingencies and minimizing risk. This allows them to maximize opportunities and benefits, and ultimately ensure an efficient business operation that is focused on their objectives and goals.

  • Incorporation of companies and general consultancy on the requirements they must fulfil in Ecuador
  • Establishing subsidiaries of foreign companies
  • Preparation and support of the general meeting of shareholders and managing corporate ledgers
  • Diagnosis, drafting and implementation of good corporate governance practices
  • Negotiation and drafting of agreements between partners
  • Resolution of shareholder disputes
  • Reform of articles of association and company transformation (including increases and decreases of capital, mergers)
  • Due diligence in business acquisition processes, assistance in negotiating and preparing documentation
  • Representation and oversight in relation to requirements by inspection bodies and any imposition of sanctions
  • Conflict resolution through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation
  • Managing insolvency proceedings
  • Drafting of family protocols
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