Business Structuring

Our Business Structuring department conceives the practice as a development that cannot be isolated from other sciences; that must be up to the challenges and changing circumstances to which it is necessary to adapt quickly, with the security and experience required for it, visualizing needs, and opportunities for our clients.

We have the trajectory, capacity, and specialized team to attend and provide services in the Business Structuring department, especially focused on the changes that occur in this area.

We seek to integrate the public sectors, academia, the private sector, direct beneficiaries, and ultimately society, in a virtuous circle that allows them to develop their plans and projects based on the benefits and opportunities provided by the Law.

We start from our experience in tax, corporate, contractual, fiduciary, compliance, innovation, technology, accounting, and auditing matters, so that together with other partners and strategic allies who dominate other areas such as financial, commercial, marketing to name a few, we can propose, analyze and structure solid and profitable businesses that can be made viable from 360 degrees.

We conceive business We conceive business based on tax, corporate, intellectual property and contractual law in the following areas:

  • Corporate
  • Innovation and Technology
  • Environment
  • Culture
  • Education
  • Sports
  • Banking and Trust
  • Real Estate
  • Public-Private Partnerships

All of the above is articulated in a multidisciplinary strategy, incorporating strategic partners for the following in the following fields: Marketing, Advertising and Communication, Systems, Audit, Accounting and all other areas of specialization that may be required. required.

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