Falconi Puig’s Tax Law Department is committed to finding innovative solutions to your tax and legal challenges.

The tax system is complex and subject to constant changes and updates. Our experience and expertise in tax law focuses on solving all tax problems. We strive to provide excellent client care and a commitment to service in everything we do.

The managing partner of the department has extensive experience in tax and estate planning, and ensures proper tax compliance, asset protection, tax optimization through the identification of deductions, exemptions and tax benefits that can minimize the tax burden, always within a framework of tax planning. tax burden, always within a legal framework.

We advise on tax law and support clients in making informed and strategic tax decisions. We offer counseling on the most tax-efficient business, family and personal structure. We assess the viability of projects and businesses, analyze investments, and evaluate the tax impact of various financial decisions.

The proper management of tax matters requires time, knowledge, resources, technology, and innovation. Having specialized advice allows individuals and companies to outsource this function to experts and focus on their core business and leave the tax aspects in the hands of professionals.

  • Tax consultancy: One-time, monthly or annual;
  • Tax review (tax audit);
  • Tax compliance and good tax practices;
  • Tax planning;
  • Tax sponsorship;
  • Accompaniment and advice in administrative and judicial processes of determination (audit) in administrative and judicial;
  • Representation and sponsorship in administrative, judicial, and constitutional proceedings;
  • Training: Courses, workshops, seminars for updating and training in the tax and related areas tax and related matters;
  • Accompaniment and sponsorship in refunds and/or claims of overpayments and/or undue payments in administrative and/or judicial administrative and/or judicial proceedings;
  • Advice on bilateral and multilateral agreements on tax matters, agreements to avoid double taxation – «common reporting standard»;
  • Consultations before tax authorities;
  • Pre-assessment consultations;
  • Advice, analysis and preparation of transfer pricing reports;
  • Tax advice and mediation;

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