Portfolio Management

As part of the firm’s intellectual property practice, this department covers consultancy related to acquiring the necessary protection and handling the large portfolios of intangible assets of domestic and foreign companies, including SMEs and multinationals.

Our focus is on providing preventive advice, allowing our clients to develop their business and new undertakings in all security on the domestic and international markets. The department’s focus on managing intellectual property portfolios means the consultancy it provides ensures that clients can achieve their strategic commercial objectives. To this end it advises on auditing intellectual property rights, searching for earlier marks and obtaining rights and licenses for use and transfer agreements from the authorities responsible.

Representations to the Ecuadorian National Service of Intellectual Rights (SENADI)

  • Administrative steps for the registration of distinctive signs, registration renewals, transfers, changes of owner’s name or address
  • Registration of licenses for use, pledge agreements and powers of attorney
  • Payment of annual patent fees

Main Contact

Other Contacts

  • Joel Chauca Chuga
  • Karina Muñoz Ramirez
  • Juan Patiño Ramón
  • Mónica Pérez Panchi
  • María Gabriela Santos Semanate
  • Milena Valdez Segovia
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