At Falconi Puig Abogados we understand that employees are a sensitive, fundamental component of any company. We see labor relations as complementary, not antagonistic. On this basis, we advise our clients on how to ensure full and strict compliance with legal obligations, so that employees – usually a company’s most important asset – are strategic partners and not business contingencies.

We endeavor to become an object of trust within a company’s organizational culture. We listen to its employees, with the aim of fostering solid, long-term labor relations, based on mutual respect and compliance with the law. Our ultimate goal is preventing dispute or managing it effectively.

  • Preparation of audits, due diligence processes and diagnostics for risk identification, with specific proposals for corrective actions
  • Design and implementation of recruitment strategies, including individual and collective contract negotiations
  • Advice in all areas of employment relations and general legal support
  • Guidance for full compliance with employer obligations and social security regulations
  • Drafting of work regulations, occupational health and safety regulations, manuals and recruitment policies
  • Drafting of employment contracts, dismissal and redundancy documents and support in signing contractual termination agreements
  • Formulation of calculations related to liquidation and severance, actuarial funding, payments on the retirement of long-serving employers (‘jubilación patronal ’) among others
  • Assistance in mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs and/or company liquidation, as well as employer subrogation
  • Representation in inspections by the authorities and in litigation at the administrative and judicial instances, as well as in alternative methods of dispute resolution (negotiation, mediation or arbitration)
  • Visa processing
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