Competition and Antitrust

We advise our clients on: obtaining approval from the competition authorities; due diligence processes for contingency prevention and risk management; and planning and implementation of strategies to ensure that their activities comply with current law on free competition, unfair competition, anticompetitive practices and consumer protection.

We provide defence for clients in investigations brought against them by inspection bodies and in administrative and judicial proceedings. We also represent them in implementing strategies to defend their rights in the national market.

We have experts in the field of unfair competition, who handle this aspect of intellectual property and advertising law.

Services Brochure

  • Due diligence to identify contingencies and corrective measures
  • Development and implementation of antitrust compliance programs
  • Investigations brought by the Superintendency for the Control of Market Power in relation to alleged anti-competitive practices including:
    • Abuse of a dominant position
    • Cartels
    • Unfair competition
  • Administrative procedures with the antitrust authority, including cease and desist and clemency agreements.
  • Representation of clients in national courts of law.
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