Competition and Consumer

We are legal advisors in the different contracts related to the participation of the company within and in the development of its markets. From the purchase of productive inputs, the structuring of distribution channels, to the final sale of the product to the consumer or in market concentrations resulting from mergers or control relationships, providing security that such legal relationships are framed within the legality contained in the Law of Control of Market Power, analyzing the best benefit for our clients, protecting their business.

We represent our clients in administrative, judicial or arbitration proceedings regarding competition law. This is, among others, processes or proceedings before the Superintendence of Control of Market Power for requirements or investigations related to restrictive business practices. We also represent our clients in unfair competition proceedings, ensuring that their clients are not illegally attacked.

We have proven experience in market regulation and counseling in segments such as aviation, hydrocarbons, food, telecommunications, liquor, ports, education, banking, insurance, agriculture, mining, energy and others.

We are knowledgeable in marketing and its legal rules.

Our professionals have advised competition transactions in jurisdictions in Asia, Europe, North America and in the CAN.

  • Advice on the structuring of input purchases.
  • Elaboration and control of the distribution channel of companies.
  • Defense in distribution conflicts.
  • Preventive work on the detection of cartels or abuse of dominant position.
  • Legal opinions on operations or behaviors under the perspective of market law (consumer, free competition, advertising law and unfair competition).
  • Representation in administrative unfair competition lawsuits before the Superintendence of Control of Market Power.
  • Representation in jurisdictional unfair competition lawsuits.
  • Representation in investigations of abuse of market power or cartelization before the Superintendence of Control of Market Power.
  • Counseling and representation before the Superintendence of Market Control in mergers, acquisitions or common control companies, filing briefs to avoid objection or conditioning of operations.
  • Advice on the structuring of state aid or its dismantling when it affects free competition.
  • Elimination of regulatory barriers to entry that generate distortion to competition.
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