Falconi Puig Abogados is committed to society´s wellbeing and its sustainable development, within its Social Corporate Responsibility program.

Our Firm offers legal advice to non-profit organizations in various fields seeking that our efforts reach the most vulnerable groups in the country and abroad.

Falconi Puig Abogados and its Pro-bono program helped to the formation of the foundation “Vida en Libertad” in 2014 and since then we have been advising them and now, we are focus on protecting their trademarks.

Vida en Libertad is a non-profit organization that was established as a response to the growing prison problems in Ecuador and with the support of the volunteers who are part of the Foundation.

It has served the community and participated in the rehabilitation of approximately one thousand five hundred (1500) women deprived of liberty and their reintegration as positive and responsible citizens for more than eleven years through volunteering.

Its workshops are oriented to train people deprived of their liberty to develop their business ideas based on their innate aptitudes and talents.

Fundación Chankuap was established in 1996 by the efforts of father Silvio Broseghin of the Wasakentsa Salesian Mission in the Anchuar territory, and in response to the requirements of support for community development.

This non-profit organization was formed as a response to the need to create sustainability to the work of the Mission as well as to expand and structure activities with a special focus on community development. To achieve its objectives, it was established a strategy to achieve productive technological development and to strengthen social, socio-organizational and institutional efforts and external relations.

Since 2007 the relationship between Falconi Puig Abogados and the Foundation has been built up with trust and professionalism. Our Pro-bono has gone from constant general advice as commercial contracts review, to a well stablished strategy of trademarks protection and surveillance service for Ecuador and Andean countries.

Fundación Azulado is an Ecuadorian non-profit organization working since 2010 with the aim of preventing children abuse and sexual abuse through high impact educational programs directed to parents, teachers, and children. The organization also provides psychological treatment to children and families who have experienced situations of abuse, addressing the root cause of the serious abuse problem of children in Ecuador.

Falconi Puig Abogados provides free services related to the protection of the organization’s intellectual property assets, mainly trademark registrations and copyright protection.

The Inventor Assistance Program (IAP) is a project of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), in cooperation with the World Economic Forum aimed at connecting inventors and small entities with limited financial resources, with specialized patent attorneys, for the provision of services and pro bono advice.

Falconi Puig Abogados has participated in the PAI since its inception in Ecuador, and has had the satisfaction of sponsoring a foreign individual inventor who has developed an interesting mechanical device.

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