Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence

We advise on the legal relationships that arise within a metaverse. This is, the purchase of land, intellectual property rights in each metaverse, avatar protection, design protection, NFTs, logistic chains in metaverse and constitution of cities in a metaverse.

In addition, we advise on the configuration of national metaverses, that is, in educational, fashion, labor, commercial and residential segments.

We advise on the creation of augmented reality and digital design. Their protection and rights.

In the same way we advise on the intercommunication of metaverses and ecosystems.

  • Advice on the purchase of land in metaverses.
  • Avatar creation
  • Events within the metaverse
  • Protection of augmented reality
  • Protection of graphic designs
  • Protection in the creation of goods within the metaverse
  • Protection of the provision of services within the metaverse
  • Creation of legal rules within the metaverse

Main Contact

  • Mauricio Velandia (Of Counsel)
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