We focus on the design and implementation of compliance management systems and models to prevent breaches of regulations. We seek to ensure organizations establish a business management model set against a backdrop of compliance culture and corporate integrity.

A commitment to ethics is always a winning approach, and the benefits for companies are immense. This is why we have a multidisciplinary legal team, alongside strategic partners in management, auditing and training, enabling us to work towards the creation of a culture of compliance and crime prevention. Our support also covers situations where it is necessary to move away from bad habits that have become entrenched and ignored over time. Businesses that invest in compliance are more competitive and save not only the cost of administrative fines, but also the cost in terms of any reputational damage that an investigation or sanction may entail.

We monitor risk using management systems in which all members of the organization are involved. By doing so, we seek to minimize the risk of possible internal fraud and sanctions by the authorities. This approach in turn leads to an increase in productivity.

  • Design and implementation of ISO 37301 Compliance Management Systems
  • Diagnostics for regulatory compliance
  • Assessment of risk matrices and risk management
  • Design of programs to strengthen corporate compliance culture
  • Implementation and design of anti-bribery programs
  • Drafting of codes of ethics, codes of conduct, internal policies and protocols
  • Design of training, communication and education strategies
  • Monitoring of compliance systems, anti-bribery programs and whistleblower channels
  • Management of whistleblower channels and development of their protocols
  • Third-party due diligence
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