Daniela Coloma Ibarra

Head of the Regulatory Department

Tel: +593 2 256-1808 Ext. 1034
Email: dcoloma@falconipuig.com

«Three things in life that once gone never come back; Time, words and opportunity».

Daniela Coloma Ibarra is the head of the Regulatory Department at Falconi Puig Abogados. With over 8 years of experience in technical regulatory matters, Daniela provides consultation and support to her clients using a multidisciplinary approach in the fields of quality control, production, and specific legislation on processing ISO 22000/BPM/BPA-DT certification and health and hygiene registrations/certification for products for human use and consumption at a national and international level.

In the cannabis industry, Daniela focuses her efforts on supporting her clients with advice, consultancy and her knowledge of the regulatory procedures applicable under Ecuadorian law. She also ensures that the firm’s clients comply with regulations on the production and sale of cannabis.

  • Degree in Food Engineering, Universidad Técnica de Ambato
  • Master’s degree in Natural Pharmaceutical Products – Universidad Politécnica Salesiana (ongoing)
  • Development of prerequisite programs and auditing for hazard analysis and critical control points (food plant auditing) – (Ministry of Public Health – Escuela Politécnica Nacional)
  • Implementation and inspection of good manufacturing practices – PROYCA (Ministry of Public Health – Escuela Politecnica Nacional)
  • Workforce skills program in food quality and safety – PROYCA (Ministry of Public Health – Escuela Politécnica Nacional)
  • Introduction to HACCP – Food Knowledge Plan pre-requisites program.
  • Provided advise to Michel Kammon, an Ecuadorian businessman of Lebanese origin and owner of the business KAMM® Chocolate, who was granted food hygiene registration for his product KAMM Chocolate 85% fine flavor cacao with hemp seeds. During the regulatory transition, this work was a challenge. The objective was achieved after formal requests resulted in two meetings, despite a revolving door of officialdom, which finally brought his business plan for this particular product to fruition after long months of frustration.
  • In support of the pharmaceutical industry, Daniela helped petition the hygiene regulation and control agency ARCSA to reach a decision on the cancellation of a hygiene registration for medical products because they were not sold in Ecuadorian territory.
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